Pet Behaviour Scotland (Airdrie) is committed to protecting personal data and complying with all UK and European laws on data protection.

We need personal data from our customers in order to deliver our services and products to you. This privacy policy will give you a summary of how we manage and secure this data and how you can exercise your rights over it.

All of the data we have is collected from our customers as we engage with them, we don’t buy or source data from anyone else.

All of the systems, both paper and electronic, that we use to store and process your data conform to good data protection standards. For really sensitive data like your credit card details, we don’t store them, we immediately process those using devices and organisations that are compliant with industry standards, such as PCI DSS.

The amount of personal data we need from you will depend on the type of service or product you need, we only ask you for what we need. We’ve summarised the different types of data we use as;

Personal data, for identification and communication: Name, postal address, email address, telephone number etc.
Personal data, for financial transactions: Credit card details, bank details etc (we VERY careful with this type of data).
Personal data, related to dogs: Dogs home environment, other individuals the dog lives or interacts with etc. We only need this if we are helping you with a behaviour issue or training issues.
Data on dogs: Dogs name, age, medial history etc (our dogs don’t get the same legal rights over their data yet, but we still manage it securely).


Under UK and European data protection laws, we need to have a lawful basis for having and processing your data. We use the basis ‘Contract’ when we are delivering services and products to our customers and the basis ‘Legitimate Interest’ when we are doing marketing and promotions work. If you don’t want to engage with us anymore then tell us, we’ll stop.
We don’t share your personal data with any other organisations, except for those that we need to in order to deliver our services and products to you and we’ll check with you first. For example, we might need to contact your dog’s Vet to discuss a case.

We might want to share a picture or video of you and your dog engaging with our services and products, on our web site or social media channels. We’ll always ask you if this is OK before we do it.

We will never sell your data to anyone or pass it to any organisations you wouldn’t expect or might object to.

Some of the data we store and process in our systems is transmitted to applications and servers that are not hosted in the EU, but we only use suppliers and applications that conform to EU regulations and good standards of data protection. All of these data transfers are securely encrypted.

You have rights over how we manage your data and we are committed to respecting these. We will be happy to help you exercise these rights if you want to, just get in touch with us.
After we’ve delivered our services and products to you, we keep your personal data in our system for 5 years, but you can ask us to remove it before that if you want.
If you are a supplier to Pet Behaviour Scotland, then everything above applies too, we respect the personal data of everyone we work with. 

If you need to discuss our use of your data or make any changes to it, please get in touch by phone or by emailing [email protected]