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Group Socialisation and training courses/classes, Private Puppy Right Start

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Dog Training courses/classes

Group Novice and Advanced dog training courses/classes

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Dog Behaviour Private

For established behaviours, barking, aggression, house toileting, destruction, etc.

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General Private Dog Training

Private 1-2-1 training sessions and or general advice, private walks available

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Cat Behaviour

Private sessions for Established Behaviours, home visits or remote assessments available

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Beagle Pups

Established breeder based in Lanarkshire, with behavioural knowledge and advice

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Our aim is to help promote a contented pet and a happy owner

We began working with problem dog behaviour cases but quickly realised that many of the issues faced could have been prevented if education and training was available at the start of the relationship, therefore the puppy course was established to providing the above together with the critical appropriate puppy socialisation so required to help prevent fearful and aggressive dog problems both with humans and with other dogs. With the great success of the puppy classes owners then asked for more from which we then created the novice and the advanced obedience (fun) dog training classes. We also offer private puppy right start to help new owners, right from the beginning, puppy at 8 weeks old or even before you acquire the puppy. Whilst this and the courses can make a significate difference to PREVENTING behavioural issues personalised help is also available for ESTABLISHED behavioural problems. In addition to this we offer general training and advice on a private basis for those who can’t attend group courses or there is a more specific concern or only need to address one or two issues. We aspire to help owners achieve well-mannered and well-loved pets.


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